LEBANON VALLEY BICYCLE COALITION was organized in 2008 to make Lebanon County a better place to bicycle. We work with elected officials and municipal, county and state governments to make certain that new road projects or redesigns consider the needs of bicyclists. We want cyclists to have the necessary skills to be able to bicycle for their transportation, recreation and health. We offer bike rides because we enjoy cycling together. We need you to strengthen our efforts. With your help, we can be more successful. Become a Member or Supporter and especially volunteer your enthusiasm, skills and knowledge. Membership and Supporter Forms can be found in the GET INVOLVED Menu.

Educating Children and Their Parents about Bicycling Safely

Lebanon Valley College’s Department of Physical Therapy and LVBC partnered to provide education for parents and their children at the Brain Fest to understand the importance of wearing helmets.  Graduate students distributed free helmets. .  LVBC members volunteered for many hours, and the Coalition paid to have a bicycle skills class for 25 children.  Parents observed and learned.  In Gear Cycling & Fitness’ bike mechanic Brandon Bell fixed many bikes with the assistance of Chris Waldron.  Jane Brewer and Juliet Waldron registered families for the bike class.  FASP’s Melissa Krall helped with teaching the importance of wearing helmets.   Fred Richter and Dean Auchenbach educated parents and tested the youngsters with the spin the bike wheel “test”.   Ron Birch helped LCI Ben Levengood provide the skills class.  Master’s degree students helped with the class.   Estelle Ruppert orchestrated the project for many days prior to Saturday and day of.   Other organizations are asking LVBC to provide skills classes.  Many more volunteers are needed if we are going to meet the demand.  Contact Estelle if you will volunteer.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

International Ride of Silence – May 21,   7:00 PM

Thousands of bicyclists participate in the Ride of Silence which is held  annually on the third Wednesday in May.   This ride commemorates bicyclists who have been killed or seriously injured in bike/motor vehicle crashes.   To learn more, visit   Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition will host a Ride of Silence with the start location at the Cleona Borough  Office, 140 W. Walnut Street, two blocks south of SR 422.  All bicyclists are welcome.     Helmets are required and participants will need to sign a waiver form prior to the start.   Be ready to ride by 6:45 PM.   If possible, have front and rear lights and other high vision items and clothing. 

Black arm bands will be provided for the ride.  If you have sustained injuries in a bike/vehicle crash, you may wear a red arm band.    Rides of Silence expect the participants not to converse.   A bagpiper – bicyclist will mark our ride as we pass through the center of Annville.  The route will take bicyclists west on SR 422 from Cleona to the shopping center in N. Londonderry Township and return.  The ride is approximately 10 miles in total.  We have chosen this route because many bicyclists use SR 422 for their commutes to work or to reach other destinations.  There are adequate shoulders on sections of the route, but where parking is allowed, there is the risk of being doored.   In Annville, bicyclists must take the lane.  Our goal is to have shared lane markings installed at critical locations and persuade planners and traffic engineers to assist LVBC in making this important roadway for bicyclists safer.    For more information contact Harry Fenton: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 274-8369

May 29-30:  Two Days of Training to Learn How to Access Funding for Improved Bicycling & How to Be Effective Advocates – Free Thanks to QBP – Register Now

Bicycle South Central PA  and  Tri-County Regional Planning Commission will sponsor two  workshops provided by the Alliance for Biking and Walking on May 29th and 30th.  LVBC belongs to the Alliance, a national advocacy organization that assists local and state advocacy bicyclists’  groups to become more effective.  One of their projects is to provide information on how to fund bicycling facilities and work through the maze of federal and state funding sources.  Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) is continuing their support for better, safer bicycling in our region by paying the cost for these  two days of training. This is a significant gesture on the part of QBP’s national advocacy team.    The work shops will be held at the Giant Community Center at the Camp Hill Shopping Center.

The program on Thursday, May 29th, is titled “Navigating Map 21”. This is an opportunity to join with staff from the metropolitan planning organizations in our region (MPOs), elected officials, PennDOT, municipal and state officials, planning consultants, nonprofit trail groups, health promotion agencies, and others who are  interested in identifying funding sources for  projects that will improve bicycling (and walking) facilities.  Learn more about the tools offered by the Alliance, including webinars, at

The workshop on Friday, May 30th, is directed towards organizations and individuals  who want to become more effective advocates for bicycling for transportation, fun, fitness and sport.  With strong advocacy in many of our communities, collectively we can preserve and improve bicycling in our region.  Bicyclists need consistency of facilities, connectivity between communities, and education of motorists and bicyclists throughout the region.  
The workshops are scheduled for  8:00 AM until 3:30 PM each day.  Pre-registration is required. You can register for one day or both days.  Registration is easy and fast; go to   You need to register separately for each workshop.  If you have questions, contact Marilyn Chastek, BSCPA Board Member, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  or 717-798-4537.   For those of you who cannot take two days leave from work,  please consider attending one of the workshops.  Help to fill the room with LVBC members.


Attend an Informational Meeting on Starting a High School Mountain Bike League –April 30th

There is a great opportunity to start a Pennsylvania High School Mountain Bike League and have Leagues in our schools.  An information meeting will be held on April 30th  from 6 – 9 PM, at Donegal Intermediate School, 1177 River Road, in Marietta.

Quality Bicycle Products is sponsoring this meeting and providing support for the formation of the League.  The very convincing documentary,  Singletrack High, will be shown.   View a clip at .  To learn about the benefits of developing high school mountain bike leagues for our youth go to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association,



Juliet Waldron. has been recognized by the Executive Board as our 2013 Best Advocate for Bicyclists.   She has not slowed her pace in 2014. Juliet  answers the calls  to communicate with elected officials; she provides significant help with our educational and promotional activities; and the Regional Connectivity Study will absorb many of her hours and days.  She is a Round the Valley volunteer.


 On March 11, the Derry Township Supervisors unanimously approved the Regional Bike Connectivity Study contracts. Alta Planning will be doing the study. Follow this link to a news story:

Thanks to the many advocates who attended the Supervisors’ meeting to demonstrate support for safer, better bicycling in this important multi-municipal region. LVBC submitted a letter to the Derry Township Supervisors to explain why the connectivity study should be undertaken.  Click here to read the letter.


 It is now critical that everyone who bicycles or knows the conditions in the region – especially Derry, South and North Londonderry Townships and Palmyra provides his/her suggestions, comments on what needs fixed and what is envisioned. There will be public meetings as well. Email your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please be willing to become directly engaged.


LVBC Recognizes Many Who Support Bicycling


Lebanon County Commissioners joined LVBC as we recognized many who have contributed to making bicycling respected and safer at the local, regional and state levels.  Advocates cannot be successful without building relationships with others. The Bike Coalition is fortunate to have so much support of our mission.  To learn about each honoree’s contributions, click here.

Bike Lebanon is Represented at Comprehensive Transportation Bill Signing Ceremony

 Two LVBC members, Pat and Ed Krebs, joined the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition in 2008 to make certain that bicycling was a part of the comprehensive transportation funding legislation at both the federal and state levels.  Finally, in November, 2013, Act 89 was enacted in Pennsylvania with bicycling recognized as a mode of transportation, and a start was made in providing funds.  In February, Governor Corbett and Secretary Schoch met with bicycle advocates at a bill signing ceremony. Now all of us need to focus on Congress and especially the House of Representatives.  The highway surface transportation funding law, MAP-21, needs to be reauthorized.   Can bicyclists be as effective with Congress as we finally were with the PA General Assembly?

Prioritizing State Roads that Require Better, Safer Facilities for Bicyclists

LVBC  is providing information  to PennDOT about state roads that need to be improved for better, safer bicycling.  These will be identified on a Lebanon County Bicycle Transportation Map.  Members were encouraged to provide input while we developed the priorities.  Review the document with accompanying photographs.    If you find mistakes or state roads that should have been included, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with information.  The Priorities will be used in our discussions with LEBCO MPO staff, Technical Planning Committee and Policy Board members as well as PennDOT District 8.  Several of these roads are part of the study area for the Multi Municipal Bicycle Connectivity Study that will be initiated in March and completed in November. The information will be provided to the bicycle planning and design firm that is undertaking this work.  Click here to read the document.

Bike Lebanon = Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition

When you hear or read about Bike Lebanon, please note that this  name is LVBC.  Advocacy organizations with long names often select more casual names to be used publicly.   Our website became “Bike Lebanon” several years ago. Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota is Bike MN.  Alabama Bicycle Coalition is AlaBike.

New multi bike rack for HAAC Lebanon Campus


Bike Lebanon provided a new multi bike rack for HAAC Lebanon Campus.  National bicycle facilities organizations recommend eliminating the front wheel racks which HAAC was providing.  E & E Metalfab, Inc delivered the bike rack in December.  In 2013, multi bike racks were also provided to the YMCA and the Lebanon City Middle School. 

Commuter Services of PA – Bike to Work Week Contest 2014


In 2013, Bayer Healthcare employee John Saldibar was recognized  by Commuter Services of PA for cycling the most miles to and from work in Lebanon County.  He cycled 90 miles.  John’s taking the time to participate in the contest is very important for demonstrating that bicycling as a mode of transportation is reality.   Penn State Hershey Medical Center, once again, won recognition for the most employees who bike to work.  Perhaps, some of these employees bicycle from Lebanon County to the Medical Center.  There’s no doubt that Lebanon County can win big in 2014.

Providing Mentoring to New and “Returning” Bicyclists

Coalition members will mentor bicyclists who are just starting to bike or returning to this great way to become fit, have fun, and use their bikes for many utilitarian purposes.  If you want an experienced bicyclist to ride with you and offer advice, complete the survey provided on Survey Monkey.

There is also much information available for both adults and youth under the Education section of this website.  These include links to videos.

We also recommend that bicyclists take the League of American Bicyclist Traffic Skills 101 course provided by a League Certified Instructor.  When there are four persons interested in taking the course, we will make arrangements for this full day class that will be offered on a Saturday.   Let us know if you want the class scheduled.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .     Read more about the League’s courses.




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