LEBANON VALLEY BICYCLE COALITION is a 501c-3 organization founded in  2008 to make the Lebanon Valley region of Pennsylvania, a better, safer place to bicycle. We work with elected officials and municipal, county and state governments to make certain that new road projects or redesigns consider the needs of bicyclists. We want cyclists to have the necessary skills to be able to bicycle for their transportation, recreation and health. We offer bike rides because we enjoy cycling together. Volunteering will give us more momentum! 

Join LVBC as we strive for a safer, more convenient, and less stressed bicycle transportation network in the Lebanon Valley and region. You are joining an advocacy community who cares about bicyclists of all ages, skills and incomes. The 2017 membership dues is any contribution that you are willing to provide.  You can join by PayPal which allows for use of a credit card or you can pay by check.  Go to "Contribute" at the Menu Bar to access the form or pay on line through PayPal.  Your contribution is tax deductible. 



The Lebanon County scenic bike ride map depicts the 10 scenic bike rides described in detail on the LVBC website.  The Map allows bicyclists to connect scenic loops to have more miles or shorten the ride to the return.  It is 24 inches by 18 inches on glossy paper.  Cyclists can choose to start anywhere on the loops.  By showing all 10 rides, visitors can decide which lodging works best for them.  You can receive a map from LVBC by paying $5 for Postage & Handling.  Complete the form and click SUBMIT.  Clicking SUBMIT takes you to PayPal where you can pay using your credit card or debit card. A map will be mailed to you.

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 You can submit a proposed ride for placement on the events-ride calendar. When you finish filling out the form,  please review you information.  Click the submit button.  Your computer will reload the form for adding more rides.

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LVBC is a tax exempt 501c3 organization. To become a member and support LVBC's efforts to promote safer bicycling in the Lebanon Valley, fill out the form below and then click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.  Clicking the submit button will take you to PayPal where you pay with a PayPal account where you can use a credit card or a debit card.

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You can pay your $15 individual or $18 family membership dues online.  Dues are for the calendar year payable in January. You can also make an additional contribution to help LVBC'S efforts to promote better and safer bicycling. Fill out the form and then click SUBMIT.  Clicking the submit button takes you to PayPal where you  pay with a PayPal account that uses a credit card or a debit card.

If you plan on doing Coalition rides you also need to fill out and send in a ride waiver release form. A printable waiver release form can be found either in the GET INVOLVED or RIDE INFO sections of this website. 

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This page provides those who are leading rides with links to the following printable information: a guide for leading rides, a  sign-in sheet for LVBC members, a separate release-wavier sign-in sheet for non-LVBC members, a copy of LVBC'S insurance card and a ride incident report form.  Ride participants should sign one of the two sign-in  sheets for the ride.  At a minimum, a leader needs to read the guide and print out the sign-in sheets and take them on the ride.  The insurance form is important if there is an incident on the ride.


There are also links to two other pages.  One describes LVBC'S ride classifications and the other is a list of LVBC ride participant's responsibilities 


Ride Leader Guide


Ride Sign-in and Release-Waiver Form


LVBC Insurance


Insurance Incident Report Form


LVBC Ride Classifications


Rider's Responsibilities


This page has a list of scenic bicycle rides based on themes related to the Lebanon Valley's geography, culture and history.  There are narratives followed by descriptive cue sheets that provide information on what cyclists are viewing.  LVBC has developed ten rides covering different  areas of the Lebanon Valley.  In addition, a cue sheet (without a narrative or map) is included for a century perimeter ride of Lebanon County.  This ride uses many of the roads from the narrative rides.  

The Lebanon County Scenic Bicycle Rides Map shows possible connections between some of the rides to enjoy more miles of cycling as well as how to shorten a ride.  

Users of any of these rides assume the risks that come with riding bicycles on public roads.  

If when cycling one of our scenic routes, you find a hazardous road condition, a detour/closed road or an error in our cue sheet, please advise us so that we can make corrections.  It is important that the rides be as "hassle free" as possible.  Thank you.  

Ride List:  The rides have  two  separate links, a descriptive cue sheet link and a separate map link.  Loading of  a map  takes 10-15 seconds. 

1.  Coleman Legacy (33 miles)     Map 

2.  Amish Mennonite Farmland (35 miles)      Map  

3.  Lebanon's Gaps and Valleys (31 miles)     Map  

4.  Preserved Farmland Loop (14 miles)     Map  

5.  Cycling Lebanon Valley Vistas (36 miles)   Map 

6.  Silos, Spires and Soaring Birds (27 miles)    Map  

7.  Preserving the Lebanon Valley's Heritage and Lands (27 miles)     Map  

8.  Horses and Creeks (30 miles)   Map    

Gaps and Valleys: Coulter Road is being closed by Fort Indiantown Gap for security reasons.  The date is July 18, 2016.  LVBC is monitoring whether bicyclists might be able to use the road.   If not, continue on Fisher Road to Asher Minor Road which is on the loop ride as cyclists return to the start.    Walmer Church and cemetery can be accessed by turning  left off Fisher Road  after the traffic signal intersection, onto Biddle Road.  Take  a second left onto Coulter Road.   Reverse your ride.  It is a mid 19th century church and the cemetery is 18th century. 

9.  Union Canal and the Swatties (33 miles)   Map   

Union Canal and the Swatties:  There will be a detour in 2016  on Tunnel Hill Road due to construction related to the Rail Trail.  LVBC advised Penn DOT that appropriate detour signage should be available for bicyclists.


10. Lebanon's Historic Gems (8 miles)   Map 

11. Lebanon County Perimeter:   Memorial Lake Start (100 miles)        Middle Creek Start (102 miles)   


Click on the links below to access a LVBC Annual Report for the year you want to review.










The Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition was started in the 1980s with an emphasis on recreational bicycling and offered annual fundraising rides, the Tour de Lebanon Valley and No Baloney Century.  After several years of inactivity, in 2008, LVBC was reorganized to focus on bicycle advocacy.  In addition, there are bicycling activities which are being expanded to include not only rides but mentoring and basic maintenance.  LVBC's Bylaws explain the Coalition's  purposes.


1. Protect and defend bicyclists' rights.


2. Advocate for positive attitudes and public policies that will improve and promote the safety, convenience and acceptance of bicyclists in the Lebanon Valley.


3. Advocate for recognition of the bicycle as a vehicle that is used for many purposes including economical transportation, recreation, personal fitness and competition.


4. Work with municipal, county and state governments to establish and implement policies and practices that accommodate the needs of bicyclists.


5. Advocate for local, state and federal legislation related to improving and promoting the safety and accommodation of bicyclists.


6. Join forces with bicyclists, bike clubs and other relevant groups in Lebanon County, the region and the Commonwealth to help assure that bicyclists have a greater voice in making cycling accepted, safe and accommodated.


7. Educate bicyclists and motorists on road safety.


8. Develop partnerships and other ties amongst community organizations and businesses in order to achieve mutual goals.


9. Provide mentoring for new bicyclists and/or new commuters.


10. Develop  scenic bicycling routes in the Lebanon Valley that can be enjoyed by local bicyclists and touring bicyclists.


11.Provide bicycling opportunities for LVBC members who want to participate in Club rides.


 12. Provide opportunities for bicyclists to network with other bicyclists.


 Whether you are a bicyclist or a non-bicyclist,  we hope that you will perceive value in our purposes and join LVBC.


We can be contacted at the email addresses listed below  or by telephone at 717-832-0105.




Vice President:    Dean Auchenbach       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       




Treasurer:            Ed Krebs       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Executive Director:  Pat Krebs  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Peg Schott           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Mike Sheehan       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Committee Chairs:   


                             Membership:    Peg Schott           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                             Website:          Ed Krebs               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                             Education:       Dean Auchenbach       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">



Gary James


Harry Fenton


Air Quality Partnership of the Susquehanna Valley








Chris Shelly


In Gear Cycling & Fitness


Dennis Houser


Tisha Walmer


Estelle Ruppert


Phyllis Zitzer


Michael Gilmartin





Stacie Heuyard


Bob Morris


Neil Swalm


James (JD) Deaven


Barb & Walt Haber


Keith McNally


Lane Kintigh




Lupine Lighting Systems - William Gentile

Erik Gardner


Ray Weaver


Ron Birch


Sharon Brumbaugh


Cheryl Capitani


Scott Fairbanks


Dream Ride Projects


Wendy and Matt Moyer


Mo Nazeeri


Les Roth


Judie & Fred Horowitz


Chris Nelson


Greer Anderson


Barry Yiengst


Michelle Robinson 


TOPS Norther Lebanon Chapter #1245




LVBC membership is an individual  membership of $15 or a family membership of $18.  Both memberships are for the calendar year.  When you join LVBC, you need to fill out both a membership form and a release-waiver form.  For other household members you need only print out release-waiver forms.  Click on one of the  options.


1.  Membership Form


2.  Ride Waiver Form




Membership and Supporter Policy, adopted January 14, 2015


Membership is open to individuals, families or businesses/organizations who want to promote and support the various LVBC purposes and bicycling in general. 




Individual who is 16 or older  Family/Household with one address Business/organization  Note: A parent  or guardian’s signature is necessary for approval of membership for those under the age of 18. 




An individual or organization  providing  financial support to LVBC  to carry out its mission.   


Honorary Member  


An individual   who is recommended by the Board of Directors for conspicuous service rendered on behalf of LVBC and/or bicycling in general. No dues will be levied on an Honorary Member.  




Membership dues and Supporter levels will be determined each year by the Board of Directors. 


Annual dues will be owed in January of each calendar year.





“Life is like a bicycle, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein


"Same Roads - Same Rights - Same Rules" -












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