Commuter Services Programs for Commuting Bicyclists

If you are bicycling to work, check out to learn about the free services provided in Lebanon, Dauphin, Lancaster, Berks, Franklin, York, Perry, Adams and Cumberland Counties by Commuter Services of South Central Pennsylvania. Commuters who bike to work or use other options rather than driving alone at least twice a week can enroll in the free emergency ride home program. If you need to get home in a qualified emergency, such as a family illness, Commuter Services will reimburse you for your ride such as using a taxi.


Go to and click on Emergency Ride Home.  You can see all the rules and then sign up online in the confidential database.  

Commuter Services works with regional employers to encourage them to help their workers use options, promoting a range of techniques from transit subsidies to preferred carpool parking to bike racks.  Urge your employer to start participating by calling 1-866-579-RIDE or by visiting the Web site.

 If you are interested in sharing a ride to work, the confidential, online ride matching database has thousands of regional commuters seeking people to share their commute. 

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