A new cyclist needs more than a bicycle to enjoy successful and safe riding.  Three important items to have are a helmet, bicycling gloves and eye protection.  Padded gloves protect hands from road vibration and from severe brush burns as cyclists' hands often take the impact of a fall.




Additional equipment includes:


1. rearview mirror for the handlebar, helmet or glasses (particularly for road riding)


2. Water - long rides require more water - bottles or camelbacks


3.Tire pump - handheld, mini-floor pump, air cartridges


4. Tire patch kit or spare tube (carrying both is better)


5. Hard plastic tire irons


6. Identification and emergency contact information


7. High Visibility clothing


Other items that will make bicycling safer, more fun and practical


1. Bell, horn or other noise device (required on some trails)


2. Lights for night riding


3. Bicycle multi-tool with 4,5 & 6 mm allen (hex) wrenches


4. Rear rack - for mounting pannier/s (saddlebags), milkcrate, box, cargo bag, etc.


5. Bike lock


6. Cyclo-computer - used to clock speed and miles cycled


7. Cell-phone


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