LEBANON VALLEY BICYCLE COALITION is a 501c-3 organization founded in  2008 to make the Lebanon Valley region of Pennsylvania, a better, safer place to bicycle. We work with elected officials and municipal, county and state governments to make certain that new road projects or redesigns consider the needs of bicyclists. We want cyclists to have the necessary skills to be able to bicycle for their transportation, recreation and health. We offer bike rides because we enjoy cycling together. Volunteering will give us more momentum! 

Join LVBC as we strive for a safer, more convenient, and less stressed bicycle transportation network in the Lebanon Valley and region. You are joining an advocacy community who cares about bicyclists of all ages, skills and incomes. The 2017 membership dues is any contribution that you are willing to provide.  You can join by PayPal which allows for use of a credit card or you can pay by check.  Go to "Contribute" at the Menu Bar to access the form or pay on line through PayPal.  Your contribution is tax deductible. 



New Director for LVBC Board  - Russ Richmond

Russ Richmond was elected by the Board to serve as an LVBC Director.   At our December meeting, Russ and Sharyn Kocevar, In Gear Cycling and Fitness representative and LCI, discussed the proposed campaign to educate motorists and bicyclists on sharing the roads and obeying the traffic laws.  Russ has accepted the responsibility of developing the campaign.  Offer your suggestions and volunteer to assist Russ.   We can’t expect him to do this solo!  Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   512 - 934-8700

Through Bike Lanes and BMUFL Installed in Jackson Township

The intersection of Ramona Road and SR 422 has been very risky for the Amish and bicyclists.   The traffic control signal did not recognize either mode.  An Amish man was killed several years ago because he "went on red". There are new traffic signals that should recognize non-motorized traffic and right turn lanes were added.   PennDOT 8-0 had the intersection reconstructed with Through Bike Lanes on SR 422 and the accompanying Bikes May Use Full Lane signage.  We welcome PennDOT's providing for the safety of bicyclists at newly reconstructed intersections with right turn lanes.


SLMs & BMUFL Signs Installed on SR 422 

After 9 years of advocating, Bikes May Use Full Lane signs and Shared Lane Markings (SLMs) are now installed in Annville, Cleona, North Annville Township and South Annville Township. We are very thankful that the leaders of these municipalities supported our persevering efforts and have agreed to maintain the road markings. When we failed to get the support of LEBCO MPO, the LVBC Board chose to spend funds to contract with McCormick Taylor, Inc. to provide professional recommendations. If we lost this opportunity, nothing would get done for years. McCormick Taylor had to hasten in January to be able to provide their findings to Penn DOT in a few weeks. The PennDOT Project Manager was very helpful in making it possible to incorporate the traffic engineers’ recommendations at the last stages of planning the resurfacing project. Please thank Cleona’s Borough Council Members, Annville Township’s Commissioners and South and North Annville Township's Supervisors.

SR 343 Is Safer for Bicyclists


Several years ago SR 343 was resurfaced and most of the project provided very adequate shoulders to the right of the installed rumble strips.  There was, however, a short section where motorists travel very fast that was done without providing adequate shoulder width.  This was very risky for bicycling.  It has required several years and support from Penn DOT to fill these rumbles.  Together, we learned what material would work best.  LVBC partnered with Lebanon County Penn DOT Maintenance staff and crew to undertake a fix.  We appreciate the time and logistics involved in doing this project to make it safer for bicyclists.






“Life is like a bicycle, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein


"Same Roads - Same Rights - Same Rules" -












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