LEBANON VALLEY BICYCLE COALITION is a 501c-3 organization founded in  2008 to make the Lebanon Valley region of Pennsylvania, a better, safer place to bicycle. We work with elected officials and municipal, county and state governments to make certain that new road projects or redesigns consider the needs of bicyclists. We want cyclists to have the necessary skills to be able to bicycle for their transportation, recreation and health. We offer bike rides because we enjoy cycling together. Volunteering will give us more momentum! 

Join LVBC as we strive for a safer, more convenient, and less stressed bicycle transportation network in the Lebanon Valley and region. You are joining an advocacy community who cares about bicyclists of all ages, skills and incomes. The 2017 membership dues is any contribution that you are willing to provide.  You can join by PayPal which allows for use of a credit card or you can pay by check.  Go to "Contribute" at the Menu Bar to access the form or pay on line through PayPal.  Your contribution is tax deductible. 



 SR 322 Roundabouts – Two Years of Advocating 



When LVBC learned by chance in early 2015 that the roundabouts planned for SR 322 would have no facilities for bicyclists or pedestrians to travel through, we acted.  SR 322 is a significant corridor for bicyclists, and pedestrians have always used the shoulders.  We researched how roundabouts should be designed and constructed for all users.  Chris Shelly presented at the public meeting and at a Derry Township Supervisors meeting.  PennDOT District 8 enabled a meeting of Derry Township, MHS, the engineering firm (Pennoni) and Chris so that he could present the needs of bicyclists/pedestrians.  The bicycle transportation maps that identify the 322 corridor as a bike route proved to be very important.  During construction, we worried about the ramp angles for those who will not use the roundabouts.   A Pennoni representative met with us to review our concerns.  .  Some ramp angles were adjusted. Many signs about bicycling have been installed and they are too close together and distracting for motorists.  Penn DOT plans to remove some.  We are asking that BMUFL be the signs that stay posted. LVBC’s 2 goals have been that these roundabouts accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians effectively, and that these roundabouts be models for many others that will be constructed in the future.  An LVBC member who travels to and from work reports the following: “The paths are sometimes used by cyclists who are not sure how to get through the roundabouts, but I just use them (roundabouts) as if I were driving a car and have had no problems on my bike.  Most of the time they (roundabouts) are faster and safer as they really slow down traffic.   At any real speed the alternate ramps are difficult, but for people just riding around town they do seem to work.  I have seen people on them.  I do worry about any intersection but these seem to be as good as could be done at this time.”   If any of you want a practice ride through the roundabouts, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  It is important that bicyclists take the lane prior to entering the roundabouts.  





“Life is like a bicycle, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein


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